In Blue Lock episode 4 titled Premonition and Intuition, Isagi and his dormmates schedule a team meeting to discuss the strategy for their future games following their crushing defeat against team X. The strikers discuss their strengths so that a strategy that takes them into account can be formed. But it turns out that Isagi is clueless about his strengths while the rest of the team have absolute clarity about it. Later that day, Isagi is in the cafeteria alone when he is approached by Kunigami.

Although team Z lost in the previous game, Kunigami did manage to score one goal thanks to the pass by Isagi. Since he had never thanked him before, Kunigami met his team mate to express his gratitude. While they were discussing football, Kunigami suddenly realized that making quick decisions in pressure situations is what Isagi is really good at. After fruitlessly spending so much time thinking about the same, Isagi finally found out his true strength that could help him stand apart from his peers.

The following day it was announced that team Z will be playing against team Y. After coming from a loss, the former has learnt its lesson and started the game cooperating with each other to ensure that they win the game. Unfortunately, camaraderie alone cannot win them games as team Y has a very strong defensive technique. As soon as team Z’s attacking tactics backfire and Nico gets the possession of the ball, he manages to scoop it over to his team’s striker Okawa, who is too good for the defender and the goalkeeper.

Okawa easily manages to outmaneuver everyone in his path and manages to score a beautiful goal giving his team a 1-0 lead. With their team already ahead in the game, team Y kept possession of the ball with no intention to attack, hoping to pass the time. This builds extra pressure on team Z which is already behind. In the second half of the game, team Z sticks to their old plan and continues to attack despite the risks.

Their plan eventually appears to work as they get very close to scoring their first goal when the ball is blocked just at the right moment inside the penalty area. Luckily, team Z still got a corner. That’s when it finally strikes Isagi that the game is secretly controlled on the ground by Nico who is always just in the right position to pass the ball to Okawa. He realizes that a counterattack will happen this time too after the corner is wasted and his intuition turns out to be true as team Y player pass the ball over to Nico as soon as they have defended the corner.

Thankfully, Isagi trusts his instincts and manages to get possession of the ball before Nico to give his own team a real chance. Although his own shot at the goal post appears to be going just outside the goalpost, Gagamaru is quick on his feet and manages to turn it into a goal for his team leveling the score.