Liden Films’s Call of the Night or Yofukashi no Uta recounts a romantic story of a young middle schooler trying to find a purpose in life who accidentally meets a vampire named Nazuna. When she introduces him to the beauty of night, Kou decides to become a vampire too, but if he wants to fulfill his wish, he must fall in love with Nazuna first. In an anime season that had noticeable names like Classroom of the Elite, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Overlord, Made in Abyss, and Rent-a-Girlfriend, the romantic comedy series managed to steal everyone’s thunder. By the time the 2022 Summer anime season ended, Call of the Night was arguably one of the best shows of the quarter.

Call of the Night season 1 finale concluded with Nazuna deciding to try her best to make Kou fall in love with her, while the latter also kept his doubt aside to be with her vampire girlfriend. Meanwhile, Anko is ready to confront the vampires and hunt them down one by one. This puts Kou in a very difficult place as he would not want Nazuna or anyone else to get hurt as he has a good impression of the vampires. The season installment is likely to focus on these storylines but when will it be released?

As of now, Call of the Night has an impressive 8.1 rating on MyAnimeList with 379,429 members. The show’s popularity is only expected to grow in the coming months as most viewers have an overwhelmingly positive review of the anime. Furthermore, the critics have also praised the series, especially for its character development and captivating storytelling. In addition to everything, the release of the series has also increased the manga sales to the point that it was on Oricon’s Top 20 list for July.

When we look at the manga series that has inspired the show, the probability of the show’s return in the coming year seems quite likely. The first season of the anime has adapted five volumes of Kotoyama’s work. As of now, there are already 13 complete Tankobon volumes that have been published, so creators have more than enough material to make another season. The high ratings and the growing popularity of the show only means that the anime will most likely be renewed in the coming months. If that turns out to be true and there are no unforeseen delays, Call of the Night season 2 will release in late 2023.