In the Chainsaw Man universe, devils are a real threat and not just a figment of someone’s crazy imagination. So, devil hunters take it upon themselves to face any threat posed by them and consistently puts their lives on the line to protect the innocent people. These brave men and women often use contracts with the devil to gain powers that allow them to do their dangerous job. In the third chapter of Tatsuki Fujimoto eponymous manga series, Makima tells Denji that there are about a thousand devil hunters in Japan if one includes the one in the private sector too.

It implies that despite the occupational hazards, there are many people who work as devil hunters. But how exactly are these two sectors different from one another? While the devil hunters usually kill the devil on most instances, it is not out of the ordinary for them to capture one alive every now and then. In some of those cases, they form a contract with the devil they caught to gain access to more power.

The Public Safety Devil Hunters is a government-sanctioned organisation of Devil Hunters that is tasked to deal with Devils who pose a public threat. The devil hunter working in this sector usually receives a high salary along with other benefits. In fact, the medical facilities provided to them are much better compared to people working in the private sector who are mostly on their own. On top of all this, the Public Safety Devil Hunters get paid days off and other benefits from the government.

While this may make it seem like a perfect job, unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The Devil Hunters in the public sector usually have to respond to many dangerous threats compared to what their counterparts have to deal with on a daily basis. Apart from all that is mentioned already, the government-sanctioned organisation is also split into several divisions, which allows for better training. Furthermore, the private sector Devil Hunters also receive a reinforced dress that provides protection and is compulsory for them to wear.

Meanwhile, the Private Sector Devil Hunters are individuals or groups that are independent. As you may have already guessed, they do not receive any form of regular compensation and are on their own to make the money. Most of them rely on the bounty they receive for killing a specific devil and interestingly they also receive work from the Public Sector sometimes. Since they don’t get a regular pay, these devil hunters may sometimes sell the corpses of the devils they killed in the black market that can earn them a hefty sum of money.