After the success of its debut season, Classroom of the Elite returned to the TV screens with its latest installment after a five-year long wait. The new episodes focused on Ayanokouji as he tries to help his classmates compete against students of other classes. He used Karuizawa as one of his trump cards throughout the season and anonymously influenced events or other competitions. However, Ryuuen was smart enough to eventually figure out that Class D was solely responsible for ruining his plans and helping the students of his class. In order to take the mysterious mastermind down, Ryuuen did not think twice before resorting to any means necessary. It was just the beginning of an all-out psychological warfare with Ayanokouji.

Meanwhile, Kushida’s dark side was also finally revealed and it turned out that she was desperate to get Horikita expelled from the school as she was the only person who knew a few details of her ungraceful past. When Ayanokouji managed to thwart her plans by cunningly using his arch-enemy, she decided to turn her attention towards him instead. The rivalry between Ayanokouji and Ryuuen reached a point where Ayanokouji deliberately put himself in an all-out brawl with the latter and his men. The fight ended with Ryuuen being forced to admit his defeat after which Ayanokouji decided to use him to get rid of Kushida.

Now, the upcoming installment is expected to focus on the events after Ayanokouji’s deal with Ryuuen. But when will Classroom of the Elite season 3 release? Well before the release of season 2, Classroom of the elite season 3 was officially renewed all the way back in March, 2022. Currently the latest installment has a rating of 8.1 on MyAnimeList with 371,407 members. Furthermore it has scores of 4.2/5 on Anime Planet, 79% on Anilist, and 7.7/10 on IMDB, which totally justifies the early renewal of the show.

Until now, the first two seasons have adapted 7 out of 11 already published volumes of Shogo Kinugasa’s original light novel series. The third installment is expected to focus on volumes 7 to 11. Since the anime has been renewed so much in advance, it means that the fans won’t have to wait long for the upcoming installment. If we look at the typical production cycle and take into account other factors (with the hope that there won’t be any unforeseen delays), we can expect Classroom of the Elite to release in the Summer of 2023.