Spy x Family’ is an action comedy anime that follows the Westalis’ master spy codenamed Twilight who is entrusted with the responsibility to fight in the information war with extremists who are trying to spark a war with neighboring country Ostania. In order to stop the worst fears of the Westalian leaders from turning into reality, he must investigate the Ostanian politician, Donovan Desmond. Unfortunately, he rarely makes public appearances and the only way to get close to him is by attending the parent-teacher gathering organized at his son’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy.

Therefore, the first task of his ambitious Operation Strix is going to get himself a pretend family. While he quite remarkably manages to pull off the seemingly impossible in a short time, Twilight is clueless that his adopted daughter can read people’s minds while his pretend wife is an assassin. The hilarious misadventures of the trio as they pursue their own interests is fun to watch. You can find all the streaming information below, in case you plan to watch it.

Is Spy x Family on Crunchyroll?

Yes, ‘Spy x Family’ is available on Crunchyroll. If you plan to stream the anime, then you can find all the latest episodes in French, Portuguese, Russian, German, English, and Spanish dub here. However, do keep in mind that Crunchyroll is inaccessible in some parts of the world.

Is Spy x Family on VRV?

The romantic-comedy anime is also accessible for streaming on VRV. People who are subscribed to the anime streamer can watch the show here.

Is Spy x Family on YouTube?

For fans living in some parts of Asia, all-new episodes of ‘Spy x Family’ are available on YouTube. You can stream the series on Muse Asia’s official channel.

Is Spy x Family on Netflix?

The spy anime is accessible for streaming on Netflix in Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. Subscribers who live in this part of the world or in nearby regions, can look for the show here.

Is Spy x Family on Hulu?

‘Spy x Family’ is available on Hulu US. Viewers who are looking for the anime can find all the latest episodes here.

Is Spy x Family on Funimation?

No, the comedy series is not part of Funimation’s massive catalog. People who wish to watch other shows on the platform can stream ‘The Detective Is Already Dead.’

Where to Watch Spy x Family for Free?

Before we give you details about the free streaming options, we would like to clarify that we do not endorse watching any content on paid platforms for free. Therefore, we advise our readers to always pay for the subscription before they stream their favorite shows, movies, documentaries, or anime. However, if you are just testing different anime platforms before buying a subscription, then Crunchyroll and VRV (also Hulu) offer a 14 and 30-day free trial, respectively, for first-time subscribers. Both of them can be used to watch ‘Spy x Family’ for free. Furthermore, Muse Asia’s YouTube channel also provides free streaming of the anime.