In ‘Kaguya-sama: Love is War’ season 3 finale, the long-wait for the highly anticipated proposal and kiss finally comes to an end. Although Kaguya and Miyuki fell in love with each other soon after they met, the duo has been reluctant to open up about their feelings first. In their own twisted heads, the one who proposes first is looked down upon and loses. Therefore, despite having feelings for each other, Kaguya and Miyuki never truly tried to tell one another anything.

Meanwhile, the fans have been eagerly waiting for them to get together for three seasons and luckily the latest instalment did not disappoint. Just before the Cultural festival started, Miyuki and Kaguya had made up their minds that they would finally propose regardless of the circumstances. However, Kaguya did not expect that Miyuki had other things on his mind as well. So, when he revealed that he has been accepted by Stanford and will be skipping a grade to go to the United States, she was left dumbfounded.

When Kaguya asked Hayasaka for advice, the latter was sure that the titular protagonist needs to confess her love as soon as possible. She argued that Miyuki will meet a ton of beautiful and smart students at Stanford and it’s highly likely that he will end up with one of them. Therefore, Kaguya needs to propose to him before he moves to the United States, so that she does not get her heart broken eventually.

Determined to finally propose to the President, Kaguya follows Hayasaka’s plan but strangely Miyuki is nowhere to be found while the rest of the students congregate on the school grounds for the bonfire event. The titular protagonist later realises that Miyuki is actually the Phantom Thief that Fujiwara and others are searching for. However, she does not need any clues to find him. She goes to the clocktower knowing full well that the President is waiting for her there.

As Kaguya has expected, she finds Miyuki there dressed in magician’s clothing. As past memories rush through their heads, the President tells the titular protagonist that he has a surprise for her. With a push of a button, the whole school’s premise is filled with hundreds of heart-shaped balloons. As they are surrounded by them, Miyuki uses the romantic ambience to ask Kaguya if she will come to Stanford with him.

Kaguya knows what it means but acts oblivious and tries to come close to Miyuki. When they are close enough, the titular protagonist tells Miyuki how she feels about him by sharing a kiss with him. The romantic moment changes everything as the duo no longer need to say anything else. Now it remains be soon how the couple will handle their relationship in the upcoming season, especially when Miyuki moves to the United States to study at Stanford.